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Hi, my name is Michael. I like to build stuff.


The reasonable man adapts himself to the world, the unreasonable man adapts the world to himself, all progress depends on the unreasonable man. ~ George Bernard Shaw

I am interested in the technologies that define our world and passionate about the way they’re shaping our future. I am an engineer, or by the above definition, an unreasonable man, for those who might be interested in knowing more, read on…


A bit more about me:


I grew up in Eastern Washington pursuing engineering though small projects and working in auto shops. My senior year I took physics which motivated me to pursue engineering at Linfield College.  After gaining an REU grant from the NSF I spent the summer at Cornell University where I conducted polymer testing and built a walking machine.  Upon my return to Linfield I completed work on my senior project, a turbine HEV and returned to Cornell to work as and engineer for LPS & CCMR and complete graduate school in Engineering Management. I have since worked in software development with Microsoft, Cheezburger Network, Saltmine and am currently a Program Manager at RealNetworks. For more detailed information on my work experience please check out my resume.




I also offer consulting services aimed at helping individuals and small business with their technology needs. I view consulting as an excellent vehicle to immerse myself in customer needs and competitive landscapes to form solutions that apply the latest technological trends. I have worked with both large international clients such as Talgo America and Kodak and local groups such as the Cheezburger Network (failblog.org) and the Steamship Virginia V Foundation.  I have a wide range of engineering, program management and design experience which work together to distill clear and focused value propositions & solutions.


This site:


This site was built using WordPress and jQuery with a custom theme designed and hand-coded by myself. While I typically prefer using a text editor for web development, lately I’ve been using Visual Web Developer. The following is a list of other items used for building this site: