Design + Technology

Delivering engaging and immersive customer experiences that drive measurable results.
I make technology solutions as simple as possible but no simpler, to meet your objectives and solve your challenges.

User Experience

A successful website depends upon a successful user experience. I start by understanding your business its goals and your customers pain points then design an information architecture and an engaging, intuitive interface. Success can then be measured with feedback from actual or representative users.


I can provide a full range of creative services that go beyond the web, with visual designs that scale for entire campaigns, websites, microsites, banner or print ads. Through the thoughtful integration of design and technology, I strive to deliver compelling experiences that build your brand and generate revenue.


Taking your vision from concept to reality with the latest technology and experience that includes social media, content and knowledge management solutions, e-commerce and systems integration.

To speed development I leverage leading third-party technology platforms such as YAF, Wordpress and Drupal, as well as other existing code-base libraries of reusable publishing and commerce components. This dramatically reduces project costs and timelines while increasing system stability and overall code quality.